14 Best Keto Meal Replacement Shakes – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best keto shake

Editor’s Choice
Ample K
Ample K
#2nd Best Choice
Ketologie Chocolate Keto Protein Shake
Ketologie Chocolate Keto Protein Shake
#3rd Best Choice

People who follow the ketogenic diet are knowledgeable in nutrition. That has been my experience with my keto friends. We are committed to eating well. One of my friends got his entire family of four daughters to eat keto.

It was difficult for them to explain to their childhood friends why their birthday cake was a cantaloupe with candles. I kid, of course, but following the perfect keto diet hasn’t always been convenient.

Even though you know a lot about your diet, I want to help you focus on what you already know. You will be able to pick the best meal replacement shake for your goals and lifestyle. This is the inside scoop on the keto meal replacement shake.

List of the 14 Best Keto Meal Shakes

Until Keto meals are served on the go at 711, we are going to stock up on them ourselves.

You deserve the best keto meal shake for your dollar, I have put together this list to help you bulk up on information.

Ample K (Editor’s Choice)

The world would be a better place if Ample K was served at convenience stores. It would be hard to find where to place it in the store. Judging by its taste, it fits right beside candy, and its judging by its nutrition it would be beside the on the go bananas.

The bottle is filled with the powder ready to mix. Add water, coffee, or milk to fill the bottle and shake it to its smooth, creamy texture. The vanilla and cinnamon play with the macadamia and coconut flavor.

The Ample K ketosis shake has 34 grams of fat per serving. This fat comes from coconut oil, high oleic sunflower oil, added MCT, and macadamia nut oil. Listed in order of weight.

These fats provide the lion share of the 400 calories per serving.

There are 13 grams of carbs. 10 of which are dietary fiber from chicory root and acacia. This leaves 3 net grams of carbs.

It is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit extract. The latter is my personal favorite.

There are 13 grams of protein—most of it coming from grass fed milk. The rest is made of pea protein and egg white protein.

This shake is also available in chocolate and 600 calorie bottles. All Ample K keto shakes come in BPA-free bottles. How’s that for a nice touch in your ketogenic diet? I love worry free calories in my keto shake meal replacements.

Ample K is my top pick. Because of its quality ingredients, convenience, and low carbs, I am happy to recommend this to any of my friends.

Instead of that cantaloupe with candles, I wish they could have offered this as a birthday treat.

  • Best value
  • Quality sourced fat
  • Probiotic
  • Only two flavor choices


Sated is a world class stand out for its convenience. Ample K was good as mix on the go, but Sated keto shakes are premixed. This is uncommon for keto meal replacement shakes.

This keto shake is designed to provide a full complement of nutrition. It is a high fat shake. There are 35 grams of fat from olive, coconut, and flax oil.

There is a total of 17 grams of carbs per serving, with only 1 net gram. The other 16 are dietary fiber and erythritol. 6 and 10 grams, respectively.

It has 18 grams of whey protein.

There are 27 essential vitamins and minerals in the Sated meal shake. Providing your body with micronutrients from Biotin to Vitamin D.

With all this, it must taste awful.

But it doesn’t.

It is sweetened with erythritol and monk fruit. Your blood sugar won’t suffer, and neither will your tongue.

The sated shake is available in chocolate and vanilla flavor.

Do you want to be the fastest person alive? Sated is my number one pick for best on the go ketosis.

  • Best on the go
  • 27 Vitamins and minerals
  • Quite tasty
  • Controversial erythritol sugar alcohol added

Ketologie Chocolate Keto Protein Shake

There is a dirty rumor that meal shakes taste bad, or have a slimy texture or both. Ketologie Keto shakes seem to defy that trash talk willfully. They have developed a fantastic meal replacements product that, in my opinion, tastes fantastic.

It so happens that it’s healthy and keto.

The product name is ‘protein shake,’ however, it has 300 calories per serving. While this is low for a meal replacements shake, it is the beginning of a meal. A lot of replacement shakes have low calorie amounts due to their origin as weight loss aids.

75 percent of the calories come from it 25 grams of fat per serving. It has 14 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of net carbs. Low carb diet, that’s keto.

It is sweetened with the sugar alcohol erythritol. I prefer monk fruit as a sweetener. At least Ketologie’s erythritol is organic.

Nutrition wise, Ketologie’s keto shake standout is using grass fed collagen. Collagen is the connective tissue in your, and bovine bodies. While its effects are still being studied, there are noticeable health benefits for muscle growth and wound repair.

Ketologie offers its shake in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, and salted caramel. Most reviewers and I recommend the chocolate protein shake.

  • Best flavor
  • Uses collagen
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Sugar alcohol added

Ketologic Ketomeal

The Ketologic keto meal replacement shake is one of the most tailor made shake for ketosis. Because excess protein can be processed in the body as carbs Ketologic makes sure of an optimal fat to protein ratio.

There are 10 grams of whey protein per serving. Compared to a 19 gram of fat per serving.

Ketomeal is lower in calorie amount. There are 250 calories per serving. This puts it in a grey area between supplement and meal.

There are 9 grams of carbs, 3.5 being fiber, and 3.5 being sugar alcohols. This leaves a total of 2 net carbs.

It has an excellent array of 20 vitamins and minerals.

Ketologic ketomeal meal replacement shake comes in four flavors, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and salted caramel.

  • Excellent ketosis support
  • Blends easily
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Lower calories

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Keto Meal Balanced Shakes

Besides this shake having the longest name for any meal shake I have reviewed, Garden of life takes the honor of having the highest quality ingredients of any shake I have reviewed.

Keto Meal is ideal for any one on a low carb diet.

Garden of Life has placed a strong emphasis on their source for fat and protein.

Their fat source is from organic grass fed butter. They are taking no chances with your brain fuel. It is Non-GMO Project Verified, and Truly Grass Fed. I appreciate this attention to detail. I don’t like thinking about strange things being in my brain.

The protein is from Truly Grass Fed whey protein isolate. The cows are free from antibiotics, rBST and rBGH. Those are cow hormones, which increase milk production and growth rate respectively.

These two are combined with organic tapioca fiber. There are 22 grams of fat, 16 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fiber per serving.

The net carbs is 1 gram.

There are ten vitamins and minerals, which is a great start. There is no vitamin D. Vitamin D is deficient in about 41.6% of American adults.

Lastly, Keto Meal comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Probiotics
  • 10 Vitamins and minerals
  • Longest name ever
  • No Vitamin D

Ketolife Keto Meal Replacement MCT Shake

This meal replacement keto shake is another enjoyable product that mixes well. Add some frozen fruit — cantaloupe? — and enjoy!

Every serving has 230 calories, primary from 18 grams of fat. The fat content is from coconut, sunflower, and MCT oil. There is also avocado and butter. The butter is kosher, which is an interesting touch.

It is low carb, with only 5 net carbs. Many keto shakes do better, however. The 10 grams of protein is from whey protein concentrate.

The lower calorie amount aids in weight loss. Better yet, fat loss.

Despite having only 1 gram of fiber, the reviews say it is filling. This is a must have for weight loss meal replacement.

  • Good taste
  • Fine for weight loss
  • Filling
  • Not as low carb as competitors

Ancient Nutrition Keto Feast

Who wouldn’t want to eat something called ancient nutrition. That branding is high quality. They also have an unusual flavor for a keto shake, maple.

Ancient Nutrition is crazy about bone broth. All over there website, they tell you about their bone broth products. There landing page title says they are the ‘Home of Bone Broth Protein’!

I don’t know much about bone broth, but if that’s your ticket. You really should buy this one.

What I am good at is understanding nutritional labels. Here are my thoughts.

There are 270 calories per serving, 180 of which are from fat. The dietary fiber is a bit low at 2 grams. This shouldn’t affect have full you feel, though. Keto shakes have a tenancy to fill you up with a one two combo of fat and fiber.

Keto Feast has coffee cherry extract, which means there is caffeine in these ketosis shakes. There is a probiotic and enzyme blend. This is never expected but always appreciated.

The only problems are a questionable taste and a high price tag.

Don’t let that drive you off. I have a soft spot in my heart for unique meal shakes. This one is delightfully quirky. Quirky things are fun to learn and write about.

Despite having two cons, I have placed it quite high on this list. I admire the bone broth, caffeinated, gut enzyme, Keto Feast.

You might be like me, and enjoy the odd side of life. Give this a try.

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Uniquely adds Caffeine
  • Gut Health Blend
  • Less affordable
  • Controversial Taste

Ambronite Keto Meal

If you are a vegan, this is the one you should be looking at. It is certified vegan. This makes it the best vegan choice.

This keto shake meal replacement is a full meal. It has 400 calories per serving.

Every keto meal has 31 grams of fat content. Coming from Sunflower lecithin and MCT oil. This keto friendly meal replacement is the best keto shake for vegans. It has extremely high fat per serving.

These keto shakes make sure a vegan can have a ketogenic diet.

A few reviews mention that it causes an upset stomach. Don’t order a huge amount so you can make sure it is the right keto meal replacement for your gut.

  • Best Vegan
  • 10 Vitamins and Minerals
  • High calories
  • Low digestibility.

Ketoscience Ketogenic Meal Shake

This ketogenic shake is remarkably similar to other shakes. It places high on the list due to reviewers praising it for weight loss — fat loss — qualities.

But, some reviewers say they have changed the product. In the new recipe, the carbs have been doubled, and the fat has been reduced. While still technically these are keto shakes, the new recipe leaves some longing for the past.

As a quick run down, it has 230 calories per serving. 18 grams of fat from the usual suspects, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and MCT oil. Two surprises in the form of avocado oil and grass fed butter. The 10 grams of protein are from collagen and egg protein.

It has 5 net grams of carbs. While this is low carb, the previous recipe had 2 net carbs.

If you are looking at the website, this doesn’t match with the advertised product. Their website still has the old recipe. I really like this meal shake, old and new. It would have placed higher if they made it more clear that the recipe had changed.

Reviewers agree that it has an excellent flavor.

  • Best weight loss
  • Grass fed butter
  • Well reviewed taste
  • Changed recipe
  • Old recipe advertised

Kuma Shake

The only mistake this shake makes is starting its name with ‘ku’ and not ‘ke.’ It is law that a keto shake starts with ‘ke.’

Here is the low down on the kuma shake.

It is the best convenient vegan keto shake. It is also paleo friendly.

This shake has exceptionally high fat, 37 grams per serving. This creates a meal that has 330 calories from fat. (A total of 350 calories per bottle)

Interestingly, this shake has only 1 gram of protein. I recommend that this does not become a staple of your diet; you will need a reasonable intake of protein.

Reviewers agree that the taste is mediocre. Even positive, five star reviews concede that the taste isn’t its selling feature. The taste is lack-luster despite having 5 grams of added sugar. That makes for 5 net carbs—still Keto.

Kuma has a bear on the bottle. That’s cool.

  • Best Vegan Convenience
  • Paleo
  • Convenient
  • Bad taste
  • Low protein

Left Coast Performance Keto Shake

This meal shake is a reasonable choice. It has one of the lowest net carbs available, 1 gram. It’s low on calories at 250 per serving. Naturally, you can just add more scoops, but that will throw off your price per meal.

It has 20 grams of fat, 14 grams of protein, and 6 grams of dietary fiber. There are 3 grams of sugar alcohol as well.

The price is more affordable than most of its competitors.

Reviewers are overall happy with the taste. It has been sweeted with erythritol, monk fruit, stevia.

  • More affordable
  • Well reviewed taste
  • Contains Sugar Alcohol

Ketond Ketogenic Meal Replacement

Good, we are back to form with a properly the named ‘ke’—tond meal replacement.

This is my opinion on these keto shake meal replacements. It has a lower calorie count that I like to see. Naturally, the keto ratios are all correct.

It has an added vitamin for 14 vitamins and minerals. While I like this for a keto shake, I love it when my meal replacements get their keto micronutrients from natural sources.

  • Great Keto Ratios
  • Supports Keto Weight Loss
  • Lower quality ingredients


Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous. Kiito is a poorly hidden attempt to name a product ‘keto.’

Let’s review it.

It’s medium chain triglycerides are derived from organic coconut. It has 20 grams of protein from peas, which is a good choice.

These are fine keto shakes, and I like how their bottles look.

  • Plant based
  • No added sugar
  • Less affordable

TeamKeto Keto Meal Replacement

This keto shake meal replacement is fine choice. At a glance, it has 240 calories per serving, 20 servings per container. Most of those calories come from 32 grams of fat. Sourced from MCT and coconut oil powder.

There are 3 grams of fiber and 2 grams of sugar. It has 12 grams of protein.

TeamKeto Keto Meal is an average keto meal replacement for a ketogenic diet.

  • Easy to understand ingredients
  • Reasonable Choice
  • Little micronutrients

The Keto Diet

You already know what the ketogenic diet is. Let’s have a quick rundown for everyone who didn’t take notes the first time.

The state of ketosis is a natural metabolic state of your body. Your body characterizes it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to use as fuel. Instead, your body will burn fat by making ketones. Ketones your body can use for fuel.

The keto diet has many health benefits, including fat-loss (which is better than weight loss, more on that later), mental energy, balanced energy levels, and healthier blood. In order to get these benefits, you must completely adjust your diet.

Difficult? Yes.

Here is a silver bullet you can use to conquer that carb addicted werewolf inside you. The meal replacement shake.

The Meal replacement Keto Shake

The question now is, do Keto shakes actually work? The short answer is yes. Even better than you might expect.

Because doctors design the shakes and nutritional scientists, they take the worry out of getting the right amount of healthy fats while limiting carbs.

Why do replacement meal shakes exist?

Why am I telling you how to choose a meal replacement shake. Shouldn’t I be telling you my life story followed by a lack-luster keto recipe?

The truth is, managing home-cooked meals is difficult. The primary reason to buy a meal replacement shakes is convenience.

Convenience is especially necessary for new keto dieters. It is difficult to get to ketosis for the first time. Diet mistakes happen all the time. But if you use the meal replacement shakes, you can make sure you reach ketosis with greater certainty. Fool-proof ketosis is an ideal path for beginners.

Managing a pantry is expensive and complicated. It pays off when your ungrateful friends wolf down another meal you cooked with love, then ditches you to play Mario kart. Keto meal shakes always use high-quality ingredients. Ingredients like organic coconut oil, bovine collagen protein shakes, and many more. Blended together, these keto shakes have high fat content and a low amount of carbs; you’ll always have the calories you need to work and play hard.

Portion control is something I struggle with; that is the reason I decided to try meal replacement shakes. Calorie counting is difficult, and I don’t want to memorize the calories in 97 gram serving of grass fed beef. With shakes, you can’t mess up, it’s written on the bottle.

Quality ingredients

Meal replacement shakes of all types thrive on high quality ingredients, Keto versions are no exception. I strongly prefer products that lack artificial sweeteners, are non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten free.

Some replacement shakes go as far as to prefer coconut oil over MCTs powder or MCT oil. While this may not be necessary — the keto diet is already extremely healthy — I approve of nutritionists pushing the envelope.

Will you be feeling hungry?

It is a blessing that dietary fiber is given the green light in the keto diet. Fiber is essential for digestive health.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Dietary fiber is the king of this bit of dating advice. When your gut is healthy, the rest of you will be too. This includes controlling cravings.

Fiber is essential for making you feel full. That’s probably why junk food doesn’t have it.

Fiber isn’t including in the net carbs count; your body doesn’t use it for fuel. Keto Shakes, such as Ample, have loads of fiber to ensure you feel full and maintain good health.

There are excellent sources of dietary fiber that don’t bring extra baggage with them. For example, one of the sources I look for is Konjac Glucomannan. It is made from the root of the konjac plant and is one of the purest forms of dietary fiber available.

Its time to break off your relationship with junk foods, do it by text, they deserve it. The keto diet is far better to be in a passionate relationship with.

Are there Weight loss Keto Shakes?

The words you’re looking for is fat-loss. It’s easy to lose weight, stop eating.

Sure, you can stop eating. You can kick fat out of your house party. But it will be taking home your friends’ muscle, bone, and water. This isn’t a recipe for success, and you will be lonely at your own party.

Your keto diet will aid you in building a better body composition—an optimal ratio of fat to muscle.

Let’s talk about fat. There are different types of fats. You want to be avoiding heart-hurting transfat. Instead, Polyunsaturated fat is the best kind that you can be eating. Monounsaturated fats are good as well.

Now, if you are eating low carbs, you will be in the ketosis state, and these fats will provide the energy for your body.

Fat-loss keto shakes take the worry away from you. They ensure a healthy diet while optimizing your metabolism throughout the day.

Portion control

Shakes help novice dieters with portion control. The full portion is provided, don’t eat anything else. This will ensure that you can control your appetite while burning fat.

If you are in ketosis, you can kick that party crasher fat out of your house and keep dancing with muscle, bone, and water.

How to spot a Keto-friendly shake.

Like always, look at the macros, the proportion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates included on the label.

For example, soylent is not ketogenic. It has absurdly substantial net carb proportions. 39 grams of carbs compared to 24 grams of fat. This is representative of most non keto shakes available.

Our list includes shakes that were designed to be keto-friendly. This ensures that you can pick from the best of the best.

Since all of these shakes are going to have an excellent keto macro, what else can we do to choose between them?

I recommend looking for a high quality fat source. I like fat coming from grass fed animals. For those of you who love the bovine population we share the earth with, there are options for you. Many meal replacement shakes get their fat content from high quality plant based sources.

There are other nutrients to look for, as well. A full micronutrient profile is a big plus. Probiotics are available in some shakes. Unique to the keto diet, be on the lookout for exogenous ketones in your meal shake as well.

Which should I try first?

Is keto shaking up the meal replacement shakes market? Yes.

My opinion on the best keto meal replacement to try is Ample K. It has all the basics to make a great shake, proper number of calories, reasonable amount of protein, and most important, high fat. It is one of the leading keto friendly meal replacement shakes available!

Ample K has other benefits as well, some vitamins and minerals, and probiotics. These keto shakes accomplish this while maintaining high quality ingredients, and probiotics. This staple for the keto meal replacement keto diet avoids artificial, everything, and is gluten, soy, and sugar alcohol free. It is also convenient and affordable for your keto diet.

I believe that you will love these keto diet meal replacements.

Naturally, for vegans, I recommend Ambronite. But if you follow the keto and vegan diet at the same time, your choices are slim.

Following the ketogenic diet is a worthwhile pursuit. Even if it means a few flopped birthdays. I am certain you can find the one keto shake that works for you.

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